Choosing Your Furniture

Bespoke Sizes

Our craftsmen, alongside our engineers and designers will make you a bespoke size if you have a space that our standard sizes won’t naturally fit.

Fire And Safety Regulations

All our products pass the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations, as standard. As a point of difference Collins and Hayes do not use any backcoating chemicals if the fabric contains
75% natural fibres or more (where possible) as we interline our foams, leaving the fabric with its natural softer handle and breathing performance. Backcoating on treated fabrics may be removed by an improper dry cleaning process.

Delivery Access

Most Collins and Hayes upholstery models have removable arms and / or backs so that the item can be delivered in pieces, allowing for larger items to be delivered through awkward corridors or doors and then be re-assembled.

Cushion Interiors

We have many different types of interior fillings that change from product to product depending on the desired outcome. These are meant to offer the optimum comfort and performance for your product. However, we recognise that we are all different, therefore if you have a particular preference please let us know.

Upholstery Detailing

As your furniture is made to order, certain parts can be tailored to your individual interior scheme. Contrast piping and scatter cushions are the most popular method of creating a more unique and individual result, enabling you to express yourself.

Spare Parts

We are able to supply all items of your furniture as spares for a reasonable fee. This includes additional loose covers for qualifying models. Please bear in mind that any replacements might have a slightly different shade / fit to the original, different materials can behave differently. Time lapsed can alter the fit of a loose cover as well as the shading of fabric and timber.

Regular Maintenance

Every effort is made to represent colours accurately in photography and samples. However, due to the natural materials used on our products and the batch nature of manufacture, shade variations can occur.

We have a policy of continual product development and improvement, therefore reserve the right to make any changes in the materials and finishes.

All fabrics can be snagged or scratched. If a snag appears do not pull it or cut it, tuck it in. Your furniture has been handmade and engineered to last for years, treating it carefully will help prolong its life and look.