Leather Care

Typically consumer complaints regarding upholstery leather arise through improper or over enthusiastic cleaning or through misunderstanding of leathers natural characteristics.

Please protect your leather from:
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat from radiators & fires.
  • Sharp objects such as buckles, pet claws and jeans rivets.
  • Chemical such as spot cleaners or detergents not specifically for your leather.

Clean your leather upholstery regularly. DO NOT ‘feed’ the leather in any way. The use of spray polishes, saddle soaps, waxes, hide foods and baby wipes can cause a sticky surface attracting dirt, potentially causing irreversible damage.

Semi-aniline and pigmented hide care:

For regular cleaning simply vacuum on a low setting using the soft brush attachment. Use of a soft cloth wrung out in a warm soap solution – mild soap not detergent. Wipe using a circular motion, taking care not to soak the leather. Repeat using clean water.

Aniline Leather care:

Care should be taken not to mark or spill anything on aniline leathers, as this could lead to significant damage. Leather will warm to body heat and can stretch. This is a normal characteristic, which can cause puddling on cushions and arms.

To minimise staining, lift off any excess contaminant as soon as possible using a paper towel or dry cloth. General maintenance can be carried out using a damp cloth, taking care not to over wet or rub the leather surface.

Please contact your local leather cleaning specialist to guide you with the most suitable cleaning product.